Who's at Risk for Pitted Keratolysis?

People of any age, race, or sex can fall victim to this disorder, though it is more commonly found in men. People who sweat or wash excessively tend to be prone to pitted keratolysis. The prolonged wearing of occlusive footwear, such as tight shoes or rubber boots, also makes one more susceptible. Not surprisingly, athletes and soldiers are extremely prone to this problem. Hot and humid weather is another factor for raising the risk. Those on immunosuppressive drug therapy or diabetes sufferers are also more likely to succumb to pitted keratolysis.


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  • Anna Capson

    I work on a boat and all of our cree members have these little pits on the bottoms of our feet except for those who have just started. Those of us that have been here for st least 6 months have them. Its s small tourist catamaran that we never wear shoes on. Do we get this from the constant exposure to water on our feet? Or because someone who has it stepped in the water and we got it by stepping in the same water?

  • Britt G

    Hey everyone, I’m just wondering if PK is in any way contagious like tinnea? Any information about PK and how it’s recieved and spread is helpful.

  • Steve B

    I had this very bad all through out my life. The only things that worked on getting rid of it is Lotrim AF The spray. I used two times a day once in the morning and once when I got home. The PK went away after about 5 weeks of use. I used every other home remedy and everything else, even sanding my feet to try and control and rid myself of this crap. I will swear by Lotrimin AF.

  • Paige

    I get this every winter and come summer it goes away. I sweat a lot through the bottoms of my feet, coupled with wearing leather non breathable shoes all day and being athletic. In the summer I live in flip flops when I’m not at work, my feet stay dry as I’m not constantly wearing socks and it’s completely cleared up.
    I don’t believe it is contagious as I pummus the bottom of my feet, use the same one on my hands, put lotion etc and it has never spread to my hands.
    Hope this helps anyone


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