Pitted Keratolysis Pictures

Below are numerous examples of Pitted Keratolysis, ranging from very mild to more severe. These images are user submitted. If you'd like to share images of your own, please scroll down below the images where you'll find an image uploader. pitted-keratolysis-feet -user-upload Pitted Keratolysis-image-1 Pitted Keratolysis Picture 1 Pitted Keratolysis Picture 2 Pitted Keratolysis Picture 6 pitted keratolysis on heel pitted keratolysis image pitted keratolysis foot problem Mild phase of my pitted keratolysis Worse part of my pitted keratolysis - right foot Worst part of my pitted keratolysis - Left Foot mild case of pitted keratolysis on ball of foot pitted-keratolysis-image pitted keratolysis pictures PK Near toes PK Between toes pitted keratolysis big toe pitted keratolysis heel pitted keratolysis ball of foot PK Ball of foot picture PK heel picture pitted keratolysis image heel pk image toes pitted keratolysis up close small pits - heel big toe foot disorder feet bacteria pitted keratolysis - wet feet - ball of foot pitted keratolysis - wet feet - heel dark pitted toes pk feet white pits pitted keratolysis after a long day pitted-keratolysis-sticky-socks pitted foot pk up close foot

Pitted Keratolysis seems to have varying stages. For reference, the gallery above was submitted by individuals to allow others to compare.


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  • JP Kloppers

    I’ve got some great (terrible) pics of my feet and how I’m treating it now. Discovered it’s not a fungus, but rather a bacterial infection. Changed my treatment from antifungal to Bactroban (anti-bacterial). That coupled with baby powder on my feet, has given amazing results. Only 1 week in now, but I thought good to share.

    • Fernando

      Hey, I saw your post that you’re getting treated, sis you go to a doctor or can you just get the treatment meds form the pharmacy?


  • Ks

    I have this and have only discovered what it is from reading this website.

    It started off itchy and looked brownish like dry skin and the pharmacist told me to moisturize. Now I have the little smelly dotts.

    I have some pictures if you are Interested

    • admin

      Yes, sending in pictures would be great. This way, others may be able to learn from the various looks and stages of Pitted Keratolysis.

      I just installed an image uploader above the comments section on this page. Simply upload your image from your computer, and upon review, I’ll add it. Thanks so much!

      • Victor

        I dont know of I have PK but I would like to upload some pics to figure out what it is I have on the palms of my feet. I went to a foot doctor and he told me they were warts however it looks like it could be PK.

      • Dave

        Hey, I have like two little craters, one on my toe and one on the bridge of my foot. I can’t tell if I had pitted keratolysis or not, but if I send a picture can you tell me if it is?

      • Joelle Burgess

        I seem to have this same stuff going on with my feet I’ve got photos I’d like to add as well how do I upload to your page

  • Joan

    Hello! I do hope others who are diagnosed can share more pics. I haven’t been diagnosed with PK but I do have a foot malodor. I have dry, thick skin under my feet (especially under the metatarsal joints and toes but not sure if it’s PK or something else. I checked mine and no small, round thing from what is seen above. So if you’re diagnosed with mild forms, please do share your pics. Thanks!

  • sarah

    I have got PK and my feet get so boiling hot at night where they are affected. It only seems to come on in summer when i wear thongs and i am thinking that it may be the rubber of my thongs or synthetic shoes. My feet never have an odour though, just look and feel gross and really hot! I moisturise every night and put an aloe gel on to cool them down before bed.
    It took me ages to actually find out what it was and now i am happy i finally do know. I have some bactroban and will continue to use it and hopefully it will go away soon!

    • N.

      thanks for posting. i forgot that i get boiling feet during the summer. good to know that this is part of the infection. so, my latest remedy (and so far so good) is i put hydrogen peroxide. before and after bed and during the day. i spray a good amount. at first, my feet were covered in white suds from the hydrogen peroxide, but now, i have just a few little spots. I started this treatment about 1 week ago, so I’m still in the process, but I’m confident that it’s working. my feet look much better.

      • TK

        How did the hydrogen peroxide end up working for you in the long-run? Also did you dilute it with water at all?

    • desnada

      Hi. Sarah… I have a muslim wife was use socks every time… And my wife have very…very stinky feet… And always wet cause sweaty… Very embarrassing for her, And now i know, if my wife have this condition (pitted keratolysis) on every soles… Very very bad condition…now, Her soles very scared, stinky, and ugli… Please… Help my wife…

  • Adam

    i have a really severe case of this at the moment, im gettin treated and its not sooo bad but its been a hell of alot worse, especially working at the olympics 14 hrs a day in boots… il get a picture shortly and upload it though to see a bad case. iv been given mycota foot powder from the medical centre and some hydrocortisone a mild steroid to apply once a day hopefully it will do the trick.

  • Mr foster

    I have uploaded 2 pics of my feet (last 2 images on here) I work long shifts in safety boots!
    Doc said it was fungal and prescribed anti fungal tablets fluconazole and a anti fungal cream.. It Didn’t work! I went back and showed doctor this site and he agreed it was pk.. Been given 2 tubes fusidic acid cream and also some 20% aluminium chloride roll on liquid.. Have also invested in some sandals and new leather safety shoes! Hope it works! will post again after treatment!

  • Owen

    I remember having this as a teen. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t like it. Sometimes it was bad sometimes it was mild. One day I git tied of looking at it, so I used a pumice stone and sharp knife to remove all that I could. I did this numerous times until it just never came back. I don’t remember how long it took but ten years have gone by without it ever coming back. I was always curious about what it was. Now I know, by the way I don’t recommend the sharp knife, and take it easy on the pumice or your feet will be super sensitive.

  • Jennifer

    Hi, I`m jennifer and i have a very mild case of pk that i know from looking it up once i discovered it. I`m currently treating it. I work a 10 hour shift at a drug store every night, continuously on my feet walking around. I was wondering if blood spots on the feet in the infected and surrounding areas are normal for pk? I`m worried because i seem to have developed alot of them overnight, some being very noticable. I`m starting to think, that its because I`ve damaged the nerves/muscles in my feet from the constant excessive walking. I only ask because it only showed up right after the pk did and some of the pictures on here have little blood spots on them too. Any answers as soon as possible would be very helpful as i wish to treat it immediately. I just dont want to damage the nerves/muscles in my feet to the point where I cant work anymore. Please and thank you!

  • Gracie

    My other half suffers with this a mild case of it, to which he is on his feet all the time he wears boots for work which i would understand can cause so much sweat, he wears cotton socks to which the doctor told him to wear that could help and gave him some roll on stuff but this doesn’t seem to be working if anyone has anything in mind they could tell me about to help it would be much appreciated! 🙂

  • tom

    Hi ive had this awhile and its really bad atm I went doctors and they told me it would go but its got alot worse and is getting painful I change my socks twice at work and even my shoes at lunch no positive affect what do you recommend can I go to a specialist or anything??

  • James

    I have had this on and off for years, I work outdoors in all weathers wearing not very waterproof shoes and this always comes up when I get wet feet and don’t change into dry socks and shoes straight away. One year it got so bad I thought the skin was falling off my feet. However, with talcompowder and lots of air (sandals on my days off) it goes away again. First treatment is to look after your feet, then anti bacterial stuff.

  • Charlene

    Hi iv not been diagnosed been to doctors loads treating for fungal for 3/4 years since viewing this site I now know it’s defo pk I have pics how do I upload it’s very smelly and embarrassing I’m so glad I came across this site

  • Grapes

    I had this for years. Did multiple courses of antibiotics, tried the apple cider vinegar, and even used a knife to scrape off all the dead skin.

    I think the thing that eventually cured it was bicarbinate of soda powder. I put this on my feet, and in my shoes, and it cleared up fairly quickly. I think the bicarb changes the ph environment which kills the infection. Really worked wonders (putting it under your arms after a shower or bath totally removes bio odour the next day by the way).

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  • Heather

    has anyone heard of using colloidal silver?

  • Pitted keratolysis is not a fungus, so I used anti-bacterial face wash( for the bacteria) on my feet when I showered and blow dryer them afterwards, then I DOUSE my feet and toes in baby powder while they are still pruned from the water, and use white cotton socks only, I swap my shoes every day and KEEP MY FEET DRY, so far my PK has reduced and is returning to healthy skin! 😉

  • james r.

    I had this for 15 years and fixed it about 6 years ago. Having a flare up now that I am fixing the same way. I soak my feet for 15 minutes in one quart of 70% isopropyl alcohol mixed with 4? oz. Povidone iodine daily. I keep this in a large Rubbermaid container with a lid so I can reuse it. (You may need to change frequently in the beginning if it fouls). In my experience, after only a few such treatments, the plaques come off in my socks. Keep soaking daily until it clears (it works pretty quickly for me). Maintain by making a foaming soap of 1 part dial hand soap and 1 part Povidone iodine and use this no less than daily in a foaming soap dispenser. Sanitize everything – bleach your socks every time, replace your footwear (I sanitize my shoes with isopropyl and about 20 drops of iodine tincture per pint in a spray bottle)…and use the ugly brown foot wash. This is my first flare in 6 years.

  • adeela

    My husband has been having mild pk and I tried crushing a few garlic and rock salt in a bucket filled wit warm water jus till it Covers ur feet and then soak it for 10 min.
    Then I towel dry his feet and again blow dry it jus to make sure its fully dry and then I apply some anti bacterial powder.
    His pk seems to hav reduced
    thought I should share dis

  • christina

    Found the cure for me, Lysol Disinfectant Spray twice a day! Kills 99.9% bacteria. You’ll need to peel away old skin with devise every few days. I’m taking a week and its a huge difference!!

  • Dave

    This is definitely what I have and some days it’s not too bad but other days (mainly after a lot of walking) it’s really bad. I went to the doctor but on a day when it wasn’t that bad and even after telling her I thought it was pitted keratolysis she said she didn’t think that was what it was – she just game me some hydromol (it says on the label that it’s used to treat dry skin) and I’ve been putting it on for the last week but nothing’s happening. Is there some non-prescription antibiotic I could use? Could I just rub antibacterial hand gel into my feet?

  • W foster

    U need fusidic acid cream it is an antibiotic.. I had suffered with this years and this cured it..put it on before bed every day for a week then once every 3 days for a further 2 weeks.. Itll stop it coming back.. If ur docs no good get second opinion.. Also get some presciption strength aluminium chloride antiperspirant comes as a liquid roll on .. Put that on when u get up.. Not when u go bed as instructions say.. If u get irrated skin put up with it.. Dont stop using either medication and after 3 weeks ull be pk clear.. Trust me i know!

  • John H

    I am 54 years old. I had this condition on the soles of both feet for at least a year when I was about 15 years old. I didn’t know what it was and I could not correct the problem. My feet would sweat, only in those areas and I would sit for hours with my shoes off while I studied for school, with tissues on the bottom of my feet to absorb the wetness. The odor was embarrassing. I thought it would never go away. One summer day, I cut the grass in my bare feet. I know that was not a good idea, but I was young. After I cut the grass, the entire bottoms of my feet were green, I suppose with chlorophyll.I washed my feet and the green came off of my feet, except in the area of the wet, pitted rash areas. Those areas remained green for a few days as I can remember. Although I was not looking for this result when I started cutting the grass, I noticed that the areas dried up, the green faded, and healthy skin replaced the wet, smelly pitted skin. The problem has not returned in almost 40 years.

    • Rachel

      This is so cool! I am convinced the earth can cure everything. Who the heck knows how you were cured, but I’m definitely going to go stick my feet in some cut grass now. 🙂

  • Randy Tan

    I was suffered from this kind of ill for 6 nonths. The pain is unexplainable and treatment is different in every case or type of bacteria.

    The day i saw pics on this website, i was upset especially when i read others are suffering for years even a decade!

    I just want to share how i treated mine. And healed all my wounds/holes on my foot.

    I tried petroleum jelly for a month but no luck.

    I tried a amoxicillin powder rubbing on the cracked/hole skin but no luck.

    Alcohol cured my foot in just 5 days!!

    Now, i don’t feel any pain..
    The holes and cracks are now turning scar and maybe a week, healed.

    Try alcohol guys.
    Maybe it can cure your case.

    Let me know the result.
    It cleanses your inner skin and kill the fungus or bacteria on it. Trust me!

    • Randy Tan

      I forgot to say that i applied alcohol every hour.. Surprisingly, you will notice the reaction in 3 days.

      I used 70% solution of alcohol.

      I hope every one will one can read this.

  • oddball

    Has anyone ever randomly had this on their finger. I seriously think I have it on my thumb. I dont personally know where or how I even got it. (it sounds like it happens to people who have moist feet, or stand on their feet all day) Its my left thumb, I am right handed I just dont understand it I thought maybe first it was a wart, I went to my doctor for advise he told me it was eczema and gave me an ointment. I put the ointment on and it turns it into the foot on photo number 11 (from the top) feels awful feels like my skin is falling off. I wrapped it in a band aid to kind of protect it from infection, and hitting it on things (it seriously hurt) then it looked like the heel in the 8th one from the bottom so I took the band aid off because it looked like it was growing. Is this common for hands? Is it contagious? will it spread on my body? What causes this on hands? How should I tell my doctor I think he was wrong?

  • Amy

    My Husband has been suffering from PK Since he was a baby. He is 39 and is a Tow Operator.

    Neither of us knew how common PK really is. With me trying to assist him in his pain and helping him cure his feet ache you kinda loose hope and really hope that foot rubs do the trick.

    Well, yesterday his feet took a turn for the worse. We got hit with a Snowstorm here in WI and his feet were wet all day. They are bruised and hurt him like hell!! They’re swollen, blistered and have some dark discoloration.

    I don’t know what to do for treatment and any help is greatly appreciated!!


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