LONDON—One of customer products monster Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC’s most elevated profile developments as of late is turned out to be a waiting thistle in its foot rear area.

Offers in Reckitt fell as much as 9% Friday after the organization’s first-quarter deals development missed desires. Reckitt pointed the finger at Scholl—called Amopé in the U.S.— a foot-mind mark it acquired in 2010 as a component of its $3.9 billion securing of Durex condom creator SSL International in 2010.

Scholl has transformed into a repeating issue for the U.K. organization. It propelled a rechargeable electronic foot document in 2016 to much exhibit, advertised as a gadget that could be utilized as a part of and out of the shower, and sold for $65. The move denoted a critical advance for Reckitt, whose normal playbook for development includes offering higher-working renditions of its current painkillers and dishwasher tablets.